The Chronical Chronicle, and personally Vesterager or Jespersen. He is the most infamous and unknown artist from Greenland, Nuuk. The Chronical Chronicle nickname was used in '90s, making 2 compilation albums. Becoming artist in '00s and being with the weird effort of his, making compilation albums with people he knew and others.

Also known as – Vesterager; Jespersen

Origin – unknown

Years active – 1993-2014

Label – none

The Chronical Chronicle was a created alias by unknown near 90s but confirmed to be in 1991. In 1994, 'Low Traxs ("Track from...")' was made. It contains with tracks that people made with their own hands and used by their name. It was confirmed that Jespersen created the compilation album (but he wasn't the holder back then). Then, in 1997, 'Forsaken Compilation' was made. And again, Jespersen is confirmed to be the creator of the compilation album. Except, it looks like a long album. It is what it is. It's a compilation with lesser various artists/composers.

Jespersen, in 2000, claimed that he will now control the nickname with his bonus alias, Vesterager. He stated that all the artists from these albums will earn the revenue until 2003.

'Fingers', Extended Play, Series. All EPs are all done 2001, and the album was released on January 1, 2001. To Jespersen, this was the best series he tried and did, completed and succeeded. Coming to 2004, he had done the 'The Chronical Chronicle Album' containing 16 tracks in the album.

In October 2007, he reissued the 'The Chronical Chronicle Album' including 4 additional tracks such as "Fingers, Debut, Part 03", "trackfromvesterager-v7" and 2 more. He stated, about 'Fingers, Debuts' used inside-hardware filter and that's why all the tracks are not reverb, like in some kind of a hall. Then, in the very end of December 2011, he additions 2 tracks that are 20-minutes each. In the start of March 2012, adding 9 tracks, to sound, pretty cursed. Chiptunes, frequencies, loudness.. didn't expected he would add that. (lol) And the last, but not least Jun 2012, adding 22 tracks after three months later of the reissue. Expanded with Chapters with barely names, CHAPTER I — decimals dilemma, CHAPTER II — extended play and CHAPTER III — untitled. After changing all of this, he saw all of this, and just literally questioned his life, how can he do that. " I'm so proud of myself that I can most of it, and I just... I just don't try at that point. Though, after reissuing and featuring new updates to one of the albums about me, is could be the only source that I present. Reissues was the adventures. " Jespersen says.

Later on, some artist named nFzKUDOS!! or composer Moloch Flynn and reached out to Jespersen by doing singles together. Jespersen agreed. Little did he knew, it's going to be a big amount of tracks. In one of the singles, "Un-FUBBAKE", there is 7 tracks. In "EXAGGERATE", there's 11 tracks. And there is three more, but just check itto yourself. After completing all of these 5 single-albums, they are officially series called "Dually Singulars".

Then, later in 2015, nFzKUDOS!! made their new album called M&S, A&D (in short), and Jespersen saw their uploads. After he saw them, he decided to ask if Jespersen wanna specifically master, engineer, arrange and wanna be featured in few of the tracks. He didn't mind, so they made a few, and he used his alias Vesterager and his last name. After finishing the tracks, Jespersen decided to do a few of mixes on 3-6 tracks.

Until then, nobody has heard about him since. But it's true he isn't dead or anything. He is really inactive.

That's all for now.

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